Our website evaluates an RSS feeds and displays the calculated values​​.

This RSS feed can be used for your website or client application too.
(You can find an example - C# Project - in the download section)
Completely free and without any registration.

Simply request the RSS feed and evaluate the result.
All the information e.g. date and geolocation are given in en-US culture.

Example RSS Feed:

<rss version="2.0"> <channel> <title>The TimeZoneNotifier RSS-Feed</title> <link>http://TimeZoneNotifier.free-file-download.de</link> <description> This site detects the timezone you're currently staying in ! </description> <ttl>60</ttl> <item> <userIP></userIP> <userBrowser>Chrome</userBrowser> <userLanguage>Deutsch (Deutschland)</userLanguage> <userCity>Mering / Germany</userCity> <userRegion>Bayern</userRegion> <userLongitude>10.983300000000014</userLongitude> <userLatitude>48.266699999999986</userLatitude> <userTimeOffsetHours>2</userTimeOffsetHours> <userTimeOffsetMinutes>0</userTimeOffsetMinutes> <CurrentUTCTime>#7/18/2011 6:54 PM#</CurrentUTCTime> <userTimeZone> (UTC+01:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rom, Stockholm, Wien </userTimeZone> </item> </channel> </rss>
The given position (latitude and longitude) always describes the interchange,
which is used in order to connect the computer of the respective user to the internet.
That means, the specified location does not always correspond to the actual location of the user.
This will, in rare cases, have an effect on the stated time zone.

The offered RSS Feed can be used in comercial and non - comercial programmes and websites.
Anyways, there is no guarantee for correct datas and availability to this service.

The RSS feed can be easily accessed and analyzed at http://timezonenotifier.free-file-download.de/rss.ashx.


TimeZoneNotifier Team